Standing Boy Trails + a Little Zombie Pig = Great Day

Standing Boy Trails + a Little Zombie Pig = Great Day

I was sluggish to accept the idea that Columbus, Georgia had evolved into a center for outdoor recreation. After visiting Columbus several times to compete in mountain bike races, I quickly found the area has so much to offer outdoor enthusiasts of many types. Whitewater rafting along the Chattahoochee River downtown, mountain biking at Flatrock Park, and the Fall Line Trace Greenway provide limitless opportunities to get out and enjoy Muscogee County.

One of the most significant trail projects in Columbus and perhaps Georgia has been Standing Boy trails in north Columbus. The park has benefitted from a significant amount of local investment and is a poster child for professional trail development. On the day I visited, I found multiple trails with names like Bimini, Lonely Hunter, and The Bug. The trails are bike optimized and progressive in design. They offer every mountain biker something to enjoy from flow trails, rock gardens and gravity trails.

Lake Oliver on the Chattahoochee River

I visited Standing Boy with a friend and to say we enjoyed ourselves is an understatement. In spite of having 20+ miles of trail at Standing Boy, one finds trail sections that become favorites to ride over and over. The Bug is a great example. As in the name, once you ride The Bug, you get the bug to ride it over and over again. You must climb up to the highest point in the park to ride The Bug. It’s a gravity trail that offers high banks and rollers. A short connector trail from the entrance of The Bug will take you to Lickety Split; another gravity trail that’s more aggressive and features high banks, high table tops and high speed.

As stated before, Standing Boy is a progressive trail system offering users of all skill levels something to sink their tires in to. Want some air? Hit The Bug or Lickety Split and you’ll find it. Want rocks, try Lonely Hunter. Trails Lil’ Bit, Primary Goods and Doughboy are great for the whole family. While The Bug and Lickety Split are “bike only” trails, the other trails are shared use. You’re bound to see hikers and runners enjoying the park as well. Given that Standing Boy is on the Chattahoochee River it offers tons of great views of the river and several lakes. You’ll have ops for great Instagram posts at every turn.

One feels like there in the middle of nowhere when visiting Standing Boy. However, the park is 10 minutes north of Columbus. The day I visited Standing Boy, I rode for several hours and then headed towards town to check out Zombie Pig BBQ. Okay, the name got my attention. Once served, the BBQ got my attention. Zombie Pig offers great BBQ and plenty of old fashioned southern sides to choose from. Columbus has so many dining options to select from in and out of downtown.

Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich and Brunswick Stew at Zombie Pig

Tips when visiting Standing Boy

Be sure to check trail status at the Standing Boy website. The park is minutes off I-85 and very easy to get to. Plan to stay the entire weekend. Consider checking out Flat Rock Park in Columbus. It offers great local mountain bike trails and is accessible from downtown by the Dragonfly Trail Greenway. Downtown Columbus has established itself as a great place to stay, shop and eat. Add whitewater rafting and zip lines across the Chattahoochee River and you have a hub for outdoor recreation. Need assistance with your bike? Visit Arnold’s Bike Shop or Ride on Bikes. They’ll take great care of you.

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