Rails, Trails and BBQ Await in Pine Mountain

Rails, Trails and BBQ Await in Pine Mountain

The Pine Mountain area has been a great weekend escape for families in the middle Georgia area for many years. Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park is Georgia’s largest state park and Callaway Gardens has been a mini destination for Georgians for as long as most can remember. Combine that with the new Man-O-War Rails to Trail, and the growing town of Pine Mountain, and you have a weekend retreat.

Downtown Chipley (Pine Mountain)

For years, two primary types of cyclists have enjoyed the area. Road cyclists enjoy the ride up Pine Mountain. It provides an experience similar to what one would find in North Georgia. Thousands of feet of climbing are possible depending on the route taken. Callaway Gardens has been tradition for cycling families for years. With miles upon miles of asphalt paths, Callaway offers a more leisure experience for families of all sizes and ages. Combine that with the other recreational opportunities at Callaway and there’s a great amount of good ole clean fun.

Annually, Callaway goes big during the holidays with a drive through Festival of Christmas Lights. Families on bikes are not left out of this event. One night during the holiday season, the festival does not permit autos so visitors on bicycles may safely ride through the light show. It’s genuinely a special experience for families both young and old to share. One of the new and exciting developments in Chipley is the development of the Man-O-War Rails to Trail path. It starts in Chipley and heads towards Pine Mountain. Like the paths at Callaway, the Man-O-War is great for families and cyclists too.

Paper Moon Chalet

I recently visited Pine Mountain for the weekend. While there are lodging options at Callaway Gardens and camp sites at FDR, I chose the Paper Moon Retreat at the Pine Mountain Chalets. The chalet is like something one might find in Helen, Georgia. It included enough space for 10 to sleep. Once settled in, it was time to head in to downtown Chipley (Pine Mountain). I always take the opportunity to visit local bike shops when visiting a new area. They have tips on where to go and ride. The Chipley Bike Shop in Pine Mountain is a great shop for sure and well suited to take care of your cycling needs.

There are multiple options to have lunch or dinner in Pine Mountain. I’m a big fan of Three Lil Pigs BBQ and Tidbits Grill. In fact Tidbits is adjacent to the Pine Mountain Chalets so one doesn’t have to drive to visit the restaurant. Through the paths, bike lanes, rail to trails and other bike facilities, Pine Mountain has established itself as a bike friendly community for sure for all cyclists.

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